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The answer to the question “who would start swinging”, can actually be given in one word and that is “anyone”. Anyone, irrespective of class, race, age or community can become a swinger. While a majority of members of the swinger’s community are couples, married or otherwise there are no strict limitations for entering a swinger’s lifestyle. If you believe that swinging is not about having sex with another person, it is also a way of life, then you will realize that swinging requires a change in your attitude towards communication, trust, understanding and bonding with your partner. A strong bond which is built on trust and mutual respect is all that you require before starting swinging. It is definitely an established fact that many people find the idea of having sex with another person stimulating and sexually-arousing but so far societal taboos had prevented them from indulging in these types of activities. So the concept of having clandestine affairs became a reality in various parts of society and the world in general. Swinging, in this sense has liberated many restrictive concepts about sex and today is allowing couples to become swinger’s and give shape to all their secret desires of having sex with someone else other than the usual partner. You should be the one who should start swinging if you are mentally liberated enough to allow enhancement of your own sex life and primary relationship.

If you feel that you should be the one who should start swinging along with your partner of the opposite sex, be it your husband, wife or a friend, yet find that your relationship is not very stable and currently on shaky grounds, or one of you have a hidden agenda for a future split, then swinging is not for you. In case both of you are not very comfortable about talking about such concepts like swinging and have other problems which are affecting your relationship which includes sex, then both of you should defer the decision to adopt a swinger’s lifestyle. To get a better idea of who should start swinging, you could attend a swinger’s club event like a party or even meet up with some other current swingers and become thoroughly prepared before taking a decision.

People who should start swinging would also require possessing some of the qualities as mentioned below:

Courtesy: Politeness and courteousness are essential qualities of a swinger. Whether you are interested to swing with someone or not, there is no place for rudeness or bitterness in this society. You must be kind, thoughtful and understanding in your behavior at all times and you can not pressurize anyone into swinging. This is the same treatment you can expect from others too.

Respect: Not everyone can become instantly comfortable in such situations when dealing with sexual encounters. Keep a watch on your partner as well as others, and ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves in a relaxed and fun environment. In case you encounter signs and symptoms which tell you that something is going wrong, remain calm and patient.

Patience: Learn to say a firm No followed by a polite Thank You. Everyone has a right to swinging on his or her own terms and you must respect that right and privilege. Like you can say No to a potential swinger, be prepared to hear a similar No too from others. Be patient and move on, instead of getting upset or getting your ego hurt in any way.

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