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The days are gone when sexual partners had to be ‘exclusive’ to each other. The world of ‘swingers’ has opened doors to free and promiscuous sex with any partner of your choice without any commitment to carry the relationship forward or even causing a break up of the present relationship. If your question is ‘who are swingers’ the simple response would be that it can just be any body. Irrespective of race, religion or social class, swingers are people who would like to view their sex life a bit differently. These people are non-traditional in their attitudes in the sense that they feel sex is not just for procreation or even recreation with a single partner. The origin of the word ‘swinger’ could be a slang which could have got its root from the fact that a person who ‘swings’ from one sexual partner to another freely and openly without holding any qualms of infidelity.

People who are swingers can be individuals or married couples who are seeking excitement and sensuality from a person of the opposite sex, who need not be anyone who they are already committed to. If you really take a hard look, people who are swingers are in reality giving a new perspective to man’s polygamous nature. Such frank and open sexual behavior could be viewed as healthy, since secretive extra marital affairs or infidelity for an unmarried couple usually ends up in bitter aftermath, which are avoided with swinging, which is done with mutual consent. After all, if one is looking for newer sexual excitement and sensuality, why hide your feelings?

Though swinger’s history can be traced back to the 1950’s where it all began in the wealthier suburbs of the US, the only way one swinger could meet another was through personal ads in the newspapers. Today, the scenario has changed manifold. People who are swingers have increased in population and swinging is considered a healthy lifestyle in many countries of the world, other than the United States, where one could find the largest numbers of registered members. Other countries where swinging has gained social acceptance as well as an alternate lifestyle are Canada, some countries in Europe such as England, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. There are many swingers’ clubs now operating in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

With the advent of the internet and the radical change in urban lifestyle across most developed countries, people who are swingers have multiple opportunities to meet up with other potential swingers through numerous meeting points. These include internet chat rooms, clubs, pubs and other organizations which promote such types of sexual expression or activity. Though currently the majority of swingers are upper class or upper middle class couples, swinging can also be for individual men or women. In fact, modern day swinging need not always is restricted to meeting strangers at clubs etc, as it can also be done amongst personal swinging circle of friends or meeting other swingers through personal ads in publications devoted to the cause of swinging.

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