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From the experience of many people who are active swingers, on how swinging affects the relationship it can be surmised that swinging can only enhance the relationship injecting more life, vigor, romance and understanding between the couple. Yet it is understandable that how swinging affect a relationship would would largely depend on the strength of the bond and communication which exists between the two souls who have taken up swinging. It is a fact that getting sexually involved with someone other than your usual partner would be sexually arousing and stimulating as the activity promotes better understanding and knowledge of your spouse than any other activity. You come to know his or her prowess as well as many secrets of arousal and satisfaction, about which you could have been completely clueless before swinging began.

The experience of swinging and watching your partner indulging in sexual intercourse, whether it is anal, oral or vaginal, can inject a fresh spirit of romance and intimacy in your own relationship. Since swinging can be organized in various ways – like a threesome, openly, closed or separately, how swinging affects the relationship would be based on the individual experiences and pleasures derived out of such acts. But more than anything else, it would improve the levels of trust and communication amongst the people concerned. Sexual intercourse ultimately means pleasure for both or all the parties concerned. In case you find that your partner in swinging is not enjoying the activity, the best thing to do is to stop the activity immediately without any grudge whatsoever.

How swinging affects the relationship between you are your partner would depend to a large extent on the kind of communication you have had prior to adopting the swinger’s lifestyle. One of the first things which the couple ought to remember is that any sexual activity amongst swingers is with ‘no strings attached’. It is a temporary episode where you give and take pleasure of a sexual encounter with another consenting adult. There is no ‘carry home’ message here and there never ought to be one – after all, a swinging episode was never meant to be a replacement for a marital bond. Never pressurize your husband, wife or friend into swinging. If there is disapproval right at the beginning, chances are that the relationship will get negatively affected after swinging.

How swinging affects the relationship between swingers would also depend on your attitude and behavior throughout the entire sexual act. Be polite, courteous and understanding with your swinger partner. It is quite possible that you might have to face a refusal or even a rejection – take it politely without feeling hurt or psychologically ‘rejected’. You are also welcome to refuse a prospective swinger, for reasons of your own. During the sexual activity, your swinger partner may feel uneasy or uncomfortable – in that case you should cease any more advances and frankly communicate with your partner if there is anything upsetting which has occurred. Then be satisfied with whatever you hear instead of getting into an argument or creating a further embarrassing situation. How swinging affects the relationship between swingers would also depend on your habit of using alcohol or drugs for enhancing sexual performance on bed. Remember, drugs are a big ‘NO’ at swinger’s events. Majority of swingers consume alcohol on moderation. Your swinger partner’s opinion could be important which can seriously affect the relationship.

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