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While there could be many reasons why people adapt the swinging lifestyle, the two most compelling are: relief from life’s variety of stressful situations; opportunity to discover one’s own sexuality as well as improving one’s own relationship. Of course there is a large section of swingers who find having sex with other people is a great method of arousal. Be that as it may, swinger’s lifestyle is not randomly chosen and lived by. While there are no military strict rules to abide by, there are a set of swinger’s rules and principles which are recommended for couples, to get the best out of swinging. If you were entering the winger’s lifestyle as a couple, married or otherwise, the first golden rule to follow is that both of you must be completely aware of each other’s emotional needs and desires and mutually agree to the concept. This it self will put both of you at ease when approached by similarly-inclined couples. There must be clear and tacit understanding between the partners in a couple as to the purpose and rationale of entering such a lifestyle. The swinger’s rules and principles take serious cognizance of the jealousy factor which is perfectly natural to crop up between couples when such activities are planned. To avoid the ugly head of jealousy to come in between, the only option is to have full faith and confidence in your partner. If you understand why he or she wants this to happen, and you believe in the intentions, there should not be any place for jealousy to interfere. Both the members of the couple must feel completely comfortable when approached or approaching other couples with any proposal. If any one of the partners feels slightly uncomfortable, the process can be abandoned immediately. One of the important swinger’s rules and principles is that couples must view this as a method of enhancing their own sex life rather than replacing a failed or soured relationship. It should be an activity where both the members of the couple must look forward to and enjoy simultaneously.

Swinging is not only about being adventurous about sex and seeking cheap thrills. It also involves having a deep sense of respect, empathy and understanding between couples. There is a lot of trust and open communication in swinging as according to swinger’s rules and principles, it is not about breaking a marriage or hurting a partner. Swinger’s rules and principles also mention the following:

The whole concept of swinging is not to break someone’s marriage. In fact, on the first meeting both the partners must make it abundantly clear of the purpose they are there for and be prepared to walk out with dignity and honor if the arrangement does not work out for some reason. There is no place for bitterness or malice in the world of swingers.

You should never pressurize anyone to get into swinging.

All discussions about swinging need to be limited to other like-minded couples who are interested or seeking more information about swinging. In fact, all personal information about your swinging partner should be kept confidential.

No illegal activities must be included while you are swinging which can harm or endanger other members of the swinging group.

For the sake of your swinging partner, you must practice high standards of personal hygiene and appearance.

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