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Come to think of it, swinger’s history is not very recent. We have all read about the sex orgies and their social acceptance during the Roman era. The swinger’s history of the 20th century however, began on a different note. According to researchers it all started with the US Air Force pilots who had to leave their wives during the Second World War to be in the battle field. This was also the time when the mortality rate of war pilots was also high. These long periods of absence from the wife, coupled with the uncertainty of return had great impact on and changed many ways of life for the pilots and their families. A strong bond of camaraderie developed amongst the pilots who pledged to take care not only of their own wives but also of their brothers-in arms. It was not before long that this pledge took the form of taking care of both emotional and physical needs of the wives deserted unwillingly as a result of the war. While this theory is debatable, there are other versions of swinger’s history, as it b

egan in modern times. Again not corroborated by any official estimate or data, according to social historians modern swinging began with the American military communities – when husbands had to desert their wives for long periods to fight long-drawn battles in the 1950s.

It is said that by the time the Korean War ended, swinging had spread to the civilian suburbs breaking the shackles of military environment. The subsequent growth of this alternate lifestyle was reported by the media by a single convenient term: ‘wife swapping’. One of the most sexually liberated zones of the US the San Francisco Bay Area is alleged to have been the headquarters of the first swingers association called the Sexual Freedom League which was founded in the 1960s in Berkeley, California. This ultimately led to the formation of an association called the North American Swing Club Association (NASCA) whose primary goal was to disseminate authentic information and provide encouragement and support to swingers spread across North America. The swinger’s history as it unfolded in the United Kingdom, reached its peak during 1973-75 when there was a great amount of swinging activities in several areas of the country with the starting of numerous swingers groups. The media continued to report such developments as ‘wife swapping’ till the decade was over.

Though the swinger’s history had its origin in the US, today swingers groups are found in nearly all the major developed countries of the world where the social fiber is more liberal and people’s attitudes are more emancipated. Though there is no official record to support the claim, even in major urban cities of India, ‘wife swapping’ was a popular alternative lifestyle heard in high societies in the ‘70s. The lifestyle, preferred by many round the world is now found in countries like Canada, some countries of Europe like England, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan, though the majority of registered members are still in the US. There are also reportedly a number of clubs which are growing in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa

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