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If you never been to swingers clubs you must be very curious about it. Swingers Parties held great mysteries and swingers club is not something that we normally walk into.

What should you expect when going to swingers club? You should be open-minded because you could see couples men and women dancing and playing with each other sexually, but in a teasing way. and in the rooms and lounge area you can find piles of writhing naked bodies having sex, same couples just enjoy having sex in front of other people and same like having a big orgy.

There are four different swingers

1. soft swinging - no sexual intercourse between the partners , and couples having sex with each other in the same room with another couple, usually touching or oral sex are involved.

2. Full Swingers - This is more open and freedom life style of swinging when couples swap for full intercourse with other couples in the same room or in separate rooms

3. Bi Swingers - Same couples likes to watch the female with another female while the man's are watching without swapping couples

4. Gang Bang - it usually with a group of man's fucking the wife while the husband is watching or active as part of the gang bang, most swingers clubs have a special day for this life style

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