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Dealing with jealousy

Though swinging has gained social acceptance in many parts of the developing world including the UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, the maximum number of registered members are still in the US. Swinging till now is limited to people belonging to middle to upper class of society. Be that as it may, the common question that can crop up in any person’s mind, who has experienced being in a relationship is that what can one do while dealing with jealousy – as sexual exclusivity is one of the prime requisites for any two people who are ‘in love’. While it is true that dealing with jealousy is no mean task, it is also time to understand the rationale of jealousy behind any relationship where there is love. Jealousy can happen between siblings, between a parent and children, between husband and wife as well as between two people who hold something ‘special’ in their hearts for each other. While jealousy within family members can have various origins, jealousy between a husband and wife as well as lo

vers has its roots in a sense of insecurity which is constantly harbored in the minds of the people concerned. Insecurity about losing dominance, insecurity about loss of control and insecurity of losing the partner to some one else are the most common insecurities which nearly all of us are victims of. In fact, if you look at it close enough, jealousy is a must-have in any relationship which is an official seal of two people in love, who are committed to each other. So, if swinging is about having sex with another person, other than your spouse or friend, jealousy would be the first stumbling block which you have to cross, if you wish to adopt a swinger’s lifestyle.

If you take jealousy as a fundamental part of any ‘committed’ relationship, dealing with jealousy in the context of swinging, should also start at the fundamentals. Take trust to begin with. If two people have complete trust in each other, and are fully aware of the fact that swinging is not about breaking a relationship, rather an aid to re-build it, do you think, jealousy can come in between their urge to explore their own sexuality through this activity called swinging? Take communication, as the next pillar behind a solid relationship. If the couple shares open and candid communication regarding their own sexual desires, fantasies, needs and goals – dealing with jealousy should become easy, especially since, both the partners are indulging in the same activity together. In fact, according to reports, swinging has actually enhanced the bond between couples – as both of them are watching each other indulging in pleasurable and sensual activities together! Since there is no scope of cheating each other and all actions are pre-discussed and agreed upon, swinging merely let them enjoy their individual sexual fantasies to the fullest. Dealing with jealousy, which was so far the most difficult task for the couple is therefore solved with open and candid communication.

Dealing with jealousy before taking up a swinger’s lifestyle has its own benefits:

Both of you get an opportunity to explore your own sexual prowess and capabilities.

Both of you together get an opportunity to learn and explore the myriad ways of maximizing sensual pleasure – hitherto unknown.

Both of you get an opportunity to expand your mental and physical horizons and share one of the exquisite experiences of life – together as well as separately.

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