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While it may be a kind of a shocking behavior or too liberated for accepting one’s wife or husband or even live-in partner having sex with someone else, swinging has become an accepted alternative lifestyle for many trusting couples round the world, who have adequate confidence in and communication between each other. Both the persons involved in swinging are full aware of one simple fact before they adopt this lifestyle and that is: this will not break up their marriage or affect the current status of their relationship.

There are various kinds of likes and dislikes which people harbor with regard to swinging. Let us discuss the rationale behind peoples’ likes and dislikes about swinging, in a systematic manner. What is it that people like about swinging? Since swinging is all about having sex with another consenting adult, taking place in a relaxed and comfortable environment in an open and free mind, many find swinging extremely arousing and stimulating. There is a saying that when having ‘an affair’ with another person, improves your relationship at home with your spouse. Much of the psychological aspect behind swinging has to do with ‘feeling good’ about oneself and one’s sexual capabilities when it is approved and enjoyed with someone else other than your spouse. Swinging also gives you an opportunity to re-discover your own sexuality and may even teach you a few steps about foreplay or even intercourse, which you never knew existed or could be accomplished! The other strong reasons for peoples’ preference for swinging include the sheer feeling of liberation which the activity encourages and that also with the tacit approval of your spouse. The frankness and cleanliness with which swinging is approached is especially appealing to many. For many, swinging is a perfect turn-on to witness the potential bi-sexuality of one’s own spouse. Among the other reasons why people like swinging include: an opportunity to re-live one’s pet sexual fantasies; a brand new way of looking at sex and sensuality – while you can remove sex from love, you need not remove love from sex; swinging is a way to re-invent the pleasures of intimacy without the concepts of display of male chauvinism, guilt or cheating on your partner or even as an ego pumping act, as there is no spirit of ‘conquer’ in swinging. You also learn to accept a wide range of body shapes and sizes as well as have an experience with a person of the opposite sex who could be of any age. Swinging lifestyle may also give you rare opportunities of dressing up as sexily as possible or even nude parties, which are sexual fantasies for many. Like there are reasons for people to like swinging, there could be enough reasons for people to dislike the activity also. Common reasons for disliking swinging include: disapproval of the concept of getting intimate with any one else other than the person to whom you are emotionally and psychologically committed. If your current relationship is on an unstable grounding, seeing your partner in intimate situations with someone else pay make a person more uncomfortable and upset. Even when communication between the members of a couple is strained or inadequate, swinging may be looked down upon as over-promiscuous or mistrusting. Thus there are many likes and dislikes about swinging which people harbor in their minds – but the rate at which swinging is gaining popularity in many parts of the world, it seems more people like the idea with fewer people staying away from it.

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