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Swinging is now an accepted form of alternate lifestyle, which though originally began from the United States, has now spread its wings to many parts of Europe, Australia and Japan. Of course, the majority of registered members are still from the States. If you are a beginner keen to know how to start swinging, the best way to get ahead would be the way it once was – through personal ads. These personal ads can be inserted on websites, many of which are pay sites as well as free. While the pay sites are a bit more reliable, you and your partner might have to wait a bit to get started with the right type of another swinging couple. Another way how you can start swinging is to insert personal ads in the local newspaper or magazines devoted to swinging. This way it is easier to meet other interested couples.

The way how many others start swinging is by joining party houses or clubs which promote swinging. Though parties and events are great venues to get to know other interested couples, memberships to such clubs might prove to be a bit expensive for beginners and entry to exclusive clubs might also be restricted to seasoned members rather than new entrants. One of the points to note here is that all clubs do not hold the swinger’s event on its premises. There are many clubs who hold swinger parties in local halls or ball rooms of good hotels. These evens are called off-premises events since the clubs do not have the license or permission to hold events which involve sexual activities. The off-premises events offer easier entry for beginners and give enough opportunities to couples to meet interesting and genuinely interested other swinging couples. Then there are events which are held on-premises – meaning that the parties which are held for swingers at a swinger’s home or at a private club and sexual activities are permitted in select bedrooms at the event of the party. That is the reason why it is called on-premises. These events allow a beginner couple to know how to start swinging from the very first go.

To know how to start swinging one of the best places would be to join swinger’s clubs where you could meet and chat with other swingers. Most of these clubs are private clubs where dress codes might be just a G-string. Most of these clubs are equipped with a DJ, a nice corner bar and a dance floor. The must-have for these clubs is a private or semi-private rooms attached which are used by swingers for their sexual escapades. To join a swinger’s club, you can be assisted by many internet sites as well as swinging magazines which provide quality information (at a fee) on the local swingers clubs in your city or area. Interestingly, there are many resorts round the world which offer swinger’s vacations – from Mexico, Jamaica, The Caribbean, right up to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Some swinger’s organizations are highly professional and beginners would find it easy to know how to start swinging, if you belong to any of the major cities in North America or Western Europe. These cities have at least one swinger’s club with a permanent address. Many new swinging couples begin by joining these clubs (which may have a low profile to avoid any negative publicity). It is reported that there are over 3000 swinger’s clubs round the world today.

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